Wednesday, 12 October 2011



RATING: 1/5 (nasty!)

Ingredients: Dates, pineapple, unsweetened coconut, almonds, extra virgin coconut oil, cashews, orange juice concentrate, orange peel

Smell: Coconutty with orangey undertones

Taste: Tangy, coconutty, citrus from the orange and slightly bitter

Texture: A bit toooo chewy - prob from the orange peel and pineapple, a few nuts here and there

Verdict: I didn't like this much at all! Too much orange, not enough coconut or other nuts, too chewy - actually quite horrible!


Ingredients: Cashews, dates, chocolate chips* (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla), salt

Smell: Smells chocolatey! actually milk chocolatey initially, then with a deeper sniff, the dark chocolate comes through

Appearance: Golden-mid brown bar, speckled with nuts and.. CHOCOLATE CHIPS! :o)

Taste: ..pleasant...a little odd! maybe it's the dates and chocolate combo? mmm.. well it is nice, it's growing on me, although I may not actualy buy it again (the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is way nicer!)

Texture: Gooey, moist, chocolate chips here and there but not 'nutsy' enough

Verdict: An ok bar - I wouldn't buy it againbecause there are others that are faaar far nicer.. and there are 15 more bars in the box :o( oops!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar Review

This PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE Larabar only has THREE ingredients:

Dates, Peanuts and a little salt

..I can't wait to see if it's as delicious as some of the other Larabars, since it only has peanuts rather than a mixture of almonds and other nuts..

Appearance: Caramel-brown with the usual speckling of nuts

Smell: Peanut-buttery (this is goooood!) :oP no smell of dates at all, not that i'm anti-date, it's just a change!

Taste: Gorgeous!! like a peanut butter cake bar -yum!

Texture: Chewy, small peanut pieces, quite a dense bar, heavier than others, but still perfectly just-rightly moist.

Verdict: A reeeeeeally heavenly bar, purer than pure, but with an amazing texture and scrummmmmmy taste :o)

Rating: A full-on 5/5!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Banana Bread Larabar Review

I was a bit unsure about the Banana Bread Larabar before I tasted it... The NAKD Banana Bread bar is ghastly, so I was worried this would be the same..

It's not! It's AB-SO-LUTELY YUMMMMMY :o)


Ingredients: Almonds, Dates, Unsweetened Bananas

Appearance: Mid-brown bar speckled with nut pieces

Smell: Bananas and dates!

Taste: Deliciously banana-y, but mildly so, not yukky or overwhelming as can be the case with banana cakes/bars. Undertones of dates, and I couldn't reeeeally discern any particular nuts flavour.

Texture: Moist, cakey, larger chunks of almonds as well as smaller pieces (I was lucky enough to find a WHOLE almond :o))

Verdict: This is a triumph of a Larabar (of any bar!) and i'd put it on my list of favourites. It's filling and tasty and comforting - and energising! Pure, healthful gorgeousness :o)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sidmouth Trip - Sunday 2nd October 2011

Well on Sunday (yesterday) I was up at 4am to get ready for our day out in beautiful Sidmouth, in Devon :o)

I'm always up at the crack of dawn anyway, and I always spring out of bed at the alarm - particulary when a day at the seaside beckons! It does seem ridiculously early, but I like to do every conceivable job before breakfast - I make my packed lunch, feed cats and dog, do Socks' insulin jab, prepare all the bits for my Dad's evening meal, and Mum's too, shower...

I also had to go to the village shop and walk Charlie before we left at 10(ish) ;o) It was a straightforward drive with no getting-lostness, thank-goodness. And we had the sat-nav...on the back seat of the car...not yet unboxed!!! Drive took around 1 hour 50mins, and it was so worth it. The sun was hot, it wasn't too crowded, and Sidmouth had a 'classy' feel about it, rather like Poole. Seaside resorts can often be tatty and seedy and attract yobs and.. less desirables (not that i'm a snob or anything ;o)) ...but here it was quiet and lovely. People conducted themselves in a civilised manner!!! I could have easily pitched a tent on the beach and stayed for a few nights (and this from a girl who's never camped or even contemplated camping ever ever!)

..Today (Monday), sitting here at home, I feel all fidgety and just want to be back in the wide open spaces of the coastline :o( I've even been looking at tents...

Mum (Penny) enjoying the sunshine!

(Perfect) Pecan Pie Larabar Review

Pecan Pie Larabar - RATING 5/5 - Faultless!

Ingredients: Simply Dates, Pecans, Almonds

Appearance: Mid-brown coloured bar with obvious chunky (and smaller) nuts

Smell: Dates-y, nutty undertones

Taste: Delicious!! Defined pecan flavour, with almonds to back it up

Texture: Soft and moist, chunky nuts and smaller nut pieces

Verdict: Gorgeous!! Pure, healthy, filling, yummy.. A much more characterful bar than the other 'plain' variety of Larabar (Cashew Cookie)

I can imagine eating this as a dessert, warmed in the oven then drizzled with maple syrup and served with vegan cream/ ice-cream :o)

Friday, 30 September 2011

POM Wonderful?

Right, I have drink to review - POM Wonderful.

I love to try anything a bit different and if it's got amazing health claims, so much the better!

Right then...

Ingredients: 100% Pomegranate Juice

Smell: No reeeeeal smell... there is a slightly fruity hint.. almost red-wine-ish..

Taste: WOW, it's very strong! ..and I did actually dilute it a bit already. It's a nice taste though, fruity and quite dry, if I had to liken it to something, i'd say red grapes. Obviously it needs more water though. Very sweet, and quite acidic (can feel the heartburn stirring but then i'm super-sensitive in that area!)

Verdict: Well as I type, and sip, it's growing on me. It feels almost alcoholic, a 'grown-up' drink, most definitely! I will definitely plod on with it... but with much more water in future.


Lunchtime Larabar review of the day :o) I'm excited about this one - I love coconut. I've read mixed reviews about it though. I guess it's kind of hard to go tooooo much by what other people think though, as tastes are so subjective...

Today it's Coconut Cream Pie!! RATING - 5/5 - Gorgeous!

Ingredients: So amazingly healthy and pure (just like me!) :o) Dates, Unsweetened Coconut, Almonds, Cashews, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (how apt ;o))

Appearance: A caramel coloured bar with lots of flecks of coconut and other light-coloured nuts

Smell: Coconutty (duh!) Like a coconut macaroon!!

Taste: Absolutely *delicious* and my FAVOURITE Larabar so far :o) Tastes like a macaroon too! Just sweet enough from the dates, not sickly at all. Delightfully coconutty with a hint of almond.

Texture: Moist, but not sticky or gooey. Chewy with a bit of bite! AND I came across a whole almond - treasure trove!!


So that's it. My Larabar moment is over for today :o( BUT I have a new drink to review later.. watch this space!