Thursday, 29 September 2011

My First Ever Blog Post - Larabar Cashew Cookie + Cherry Pie Reviews

I may be a Brit, but I LOVE all things that originate Stateside! particularly food... vegan food, of course ;o)

Following on from my growing interest in raw foods, and most especially raw (or semi-raw) 'bars', I stumbled on the GORGEOUSNESS that is the Larabar. They are similar to Nakd bars here in the UK, but with a much much tastier and bigger range of flavours. Hopefully I will get to try them all, and will review each one here :o) I buy them from iherb and Vitacost, in rather large (pricey)boxes of about 16 bars... bankruptcy here I come!

First off, Cashew Cookie - RATING 4/5

Ingredients: Cashews, Dates

Appearance: Light brown, with lighter nut pieces visible

Smell: Very mild, slight hint of dates

Taste: Pleasantly nutty, mild flavour, reminicent of cookie dough

Texture: Nicely moist, gooey and chewy, with a mixture of small and a few larger nut pieces

Verdict: Pleasant enough to eat, and so extremely pure that i'd definitely buy/eat it again.. once i've tested out all the more exotic flavours!

Cherry - RATING 2/5

Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Unsweetened Cherries

Appearance: A dark brown bar studded with lighter nut pieces

Smell: Definitely a hint of cherry

Taste: Deliciously cherry-y, but quite tart/sour (slightly metallic after-taste which isn't too good!)

Texture: Moist, chewy, with nutty pieces and the occasional treat of a chunky nut ;o)

Verdict: Not my favourite, and I wouldn't buy them again. Not reeeeeally sweet enough, the cherries are just to 'sour' and as I said above, there is an oddly metallic aftertaste.

So that's it. my first Blog, my first review. Done. And all with a stonking great big headache!! More about me and possibly even a RECIPE, later on :o)

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