Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Banana Bread Larabar Review

I was a bit unsure about the Banana Bread Larabar before I tasted it... The NAKD Banana Bread bar is ghastly, so I was worried this would be the same..

It's not! It's AB-SO-LUTELY YUMMMMMY :o)


Ingredients: Almonds, Dates, Unsweetened Bananas

Appearance: Mid-brown bar speckled with nut pieces

Smell: Bananas and dates!

Taste: Deliciously banana-y, but mildly so, not yukky or overwhelming as can be the case with banana cakes/bars. Undertones of dates, and I couldn't reeeeally discern any particular nuts flavour.

Texture: Moist, cakey, larger chunks of almonds as well as smaller pieces (I was lucky enough to find a WHOLE almond :o))

Verdict: This is a triumph of a Larabar (of any bar!) and i'd put it on my list of favourites. It's filling and tasty and comforting - and energising! Pure, healthful gorgeousness :o)


  1. I've discovered the joy of raw bars just today! Need to get my paws on this banana-y one! Where d'ya get them from??


  2. Hi Nicola :o) I had to get them shipped from America, unfortunately! I buy from iherb and Vitacost, as the airmail isn't toooo expensive.. They also do Justin's nut butters and PB&Co, which I LOVE! Your Blog is fab by the way! you have a new follower :o)

  3. Will have to bookmark them for a day when I'm feeling flush!

    And thank you! :-)